anti-Snoring device


The Silensor-sl consists of one splint for the upper jaw and one splint for the lower jaw which counteracts the narrowing of the respiratory tracts. As the velocity of the air decreases so do the noise-generating vibrations of the soft tissues. The Silensor-sl allows jaw movements, so is comfortable to wear, but prevents the lower jaw from falling back so is an effective snoreguard.

Clinical tests have shown that the advancement of the lower jaw considerably reduced snoring in over 80% of patients and 50% saw a reduction in their apnoea index.

In case of sudden propulsion movements at night, the anchor can slide in the connector. This as well as the light flexing double-S shaped connectors prevent a compression or over stressing of the connectors. If a protrusion of the lower jaw is necessary, the connectors are exchangeable very easily.

Advantages include:

  • improved patient comfort
  • proven effectiveness in treating the symptoms of OSA
  • completely metal-free
  • easily adjustable