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The surgery welcomes all adult patients who are seeking orthodontics. We also offer brace free orthodontics with Argen Clear Aligners.

You may not have had the opportunity as a child or may have been refused a brace owing to the NHS strict rules on availability. Often you may have suffered relapse from a course of orthodontics as a child. Whatever the case may be, we offer an initial discussion FREE of charge. If appropriate and where you want to look more seriously into the possibility, we will arrange a full case assessment with X-rays, study models and photographs. A report will be produced outlining the options available to you.

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Clear Orthodontic Aligners

Petre Dental offers Brace Free Orthodontics.

Cost From


We scan your teeth for accuracy and your comfort.  No old fashioned impressions used.

We offer extraction free orthodontics where ever possible.

Treatments usually complete from 3 – 18 months

*typical cost for 3-4 month treatment



Our services cover a wide range of dental treatments and accessories, from dental hygiene and tooth whitening to custom sports mouth guards.

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Our Fees

Click here to find a list of our treatment fees (please note that this is a price guide only.

All patients receive an accurate estimate following an examination).

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